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Whale Watching Feedback

“Blackfeather Charters gave us the time of our lives. We caught enough coho, springs and halibut to fill our coolers. We saw sea lions and even had Humpback whales jumping out of the water while we were running to different fishing spots. The boat is beautiful and we felt very safe running around the waters with the skipper. Thanks again, our family will be back for sure!”
-Barry and Julie, Kelowna, BC

Whale Watching

Although Prince Rupert is known mainly for its exciting fishing trips, we realize that not everyone is a fanatical angler. If sightseeing, cruising, whale watching, or just traveling the inside passage is your desire, we can make it happen. Whales have enraptured the human race ever since we started sailing the oceans of the world. No other creature captures our attention like these leviathans of the deep.
For more information on the whales commonly spotted please visit our wildlife page.

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Charter Information

The vast waters adjacent to the City of Prince Rupert lie on the major feeding and migration routes of several species of whales. Depending on the timing of your trip, you can expect to see orca, humpback, grey, or minke whales, during your whale watching experience through Chatham Sound’s marine wonderland. We can whisk you away on a safe, comfortable excursion to the areas where these magnificent creatures abound while taking precautions not to alter the natural behavior of the marine mammals. Although we cannot guarantee sightings on 100% of our tours, with our experienced skippers and our network on both the water and with spotters in the air, we will provide the highest degree of success of viewing whales on our tours. The best timing for viewing orcas are May to early July. Humpbacks are best viewed July through October. The North Coast is recognized as one of the best places to see large concentrations of humpback, minke and grey whales. These species, along with vast numbers of porpoises, may be spotted at any time during the season. While whales are our main objective, our tours are aimed to be a complete nature experience, with a plethora of other species of wildlife close at hand. You can view and photograph majestic bald eagles that dive within 50 feet of the boat as your skipper throws them a rockfish. See seals and sea lions on the rocky beaches of the myriads of the islands that you will pass on your tour. At times we are lucky enough to see bears as they come down to the shoreline to feed on shellfish and crab. There are many creatures to view on a day out on a whale watching tour, and should we not see whales on that particular day, you will go away with a day to remember and an experience with the sea and nature you will not soon forget.

Our vessel has a large aft and forward deck for viewing and every seat inside the cabin has a great view.

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