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February 14, 2009 Anyone that has fished with Blackfeather Charters knows that we are up early and fish as long as we can each day, so the DVD's might have to be mailed out after the season is wrapped up. We are very excited to be able to extend this great idea to our clients, and are looking forward to another fantastic season on the water. ”
-Capt. Jeff Beckwith

Wildlife Video Gallery

Fishing Video

Video footage of a halibut being reeled in, taken with underwater camera.

Humpback Whales Feeding

As humpback whales travel through our region, they feed on large schools of herring and needlefish. One technique they use to corral the bait is called “bubble-netting”, which you can watch in this short video.

Blackfeather On The Water

Blackfeather vessel crusing on a sunny day in Prince Rupert.